[Xerte] importing images - esp screenshots - and picture quality in Xerte

Jon Andrews j.m.andrews at bham.ac.uk
Mon Nov 12 15:14:56 GMT 2012

Dear Xerte users,

I'm trying to develop Xerte training materials to replace powerpoint slides previously used.  These included screenshots of literature searches using databases, catalogue searches etc.

*         I use Jing for the screenshots.

*         I've tried different file types - .GIF, .JPG, .PNG., .TIF.

*         Microsoft Office Picture manager to try and edit or resize the picture before importing into Xerte.

Picture quality however is variable, or just poor, once imported: certainly if viewed in Full Screen.

Any hints or tips?  Apologies if I've missed something obvious.  Colleagues here have had similar problems with screenshot images.


Jon Andrews.

Acting Subject Advisor for Civil Engineering and Materials and Metallurgy
Main Library
University of Birmingham.

j.m.andrews at bham.ac.uk<mailto:j.m.andrews at bham.ac.uk>

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