[Xerte] RLO file extension and HealthStream

Steve Rauch srauch at gjhosp.org
Fri Nov 2 15:33:28 GMT 2012

I downloaded Xerte 2.18  for my desktop and created a short 2-page object to test with HealthStream - the Learning Management System we use at the hospital where I work. HealthStream is a hosted service and only allows certain file extensions - RLO is not one of them.
(their list is on page 7 of this PDF: http://www.healthstream.com/HLCHelp/Administrator/Authoring_Center_Policies_and_Guidelines.pdf)

When I uploaded my files to HealthStream (which is a hosted service) the RLO file was deleted. I can read the rlo with Gvim so I wondered if I could change the extension to something HealthStream accepts - like .txt

Will this work or is the .rlo extension linked from the swf files which the publish process also created.

Depending on how this works I would approach HealthStream about accepting rlo files, but I wanted to test that the Xerte-created class will run at all.

Thank you - 

Steve Rauch

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