[Xerte] Language file question

Fay Cross Fay.Cross at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Jun 22 13:17:58 BST 2012

I've just uploaded to the svn a new version of the MediaViewer.swf used if you add the optional Media File / Media Transcript to a LO.  This fixes a problem Johnathan found about it not always getting the size of video files correctly.

Some time ago I added in a new line to the language files (engine_en-GB.xml etc.) as if you add a Media File to the LO a new button appears on the toolbar which launches a new window to show the media in.  This line has now disappeared again in all but the es-ES file so the label on the button just shows as undefined.  I haven't had any involvement in the language stuff so am I ok to just add the line back into these files and upload?  I don't want to mess anything up or run the risk of it being overridden again.

All that needs to go in is <mediaButton label="Media" description="Media Button. "/>

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