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Fay Cross Fay.Cross at nottingham.ac.uk
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Thanks for the feedback Johnathan.  Sorry for the delayed reply, I was on holiday when you sent this and it slipped my mind to reply when I got back.  Comments below...

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I have now had a little time to play with the transcript tool that Fay kindly made available the other week.

There are a few issues that I have run in to.
1.      The first flv file I tried was the "breakingUpChristmas.flv" file that I originally obtained from Nottingham, I think in a demonstration project. When I loaded this in the caption entry section expanded horizontally to fill the whole window making it impossible to access any of the video related buttons. However other flvs including an old one I had that I think was orginally generated in camstudio worked OK. I also tested an FLV generated using the latest version of camstudio which was converted to flv using XMedia Recode This should be fixed now on the attached version.  I've retested with numerous flvs and it seems to get the correct size for them all now.  Let me know if you have this problem again.
2.      If you make the mistake of changing the video play mode to full screen and then reduce it back to its original size then the buttons disappear on the transcript tool. I've removed this button.
3.      The Timed Transcript window does not allow the loading of transcript files. Good point -  I'll look into this
4.      The package feature is not yet enabled. I need to add the files so it can be used on its own but at the moment you can save it to use in a Toolkits project.  Upload the file and a media file to the LO under the Media Transcript & Media File optional property.
5.      I had some inconsistencies when setting the position of captions to subtitle top or subtitle bottom, sometimes they failed to show up - I have not done enough testing to identify if this was specific to a particular flv file. I've done a fair amount of testing and haven't had this problem.  Did all the captions fail to show or just the occasional one?  It's probably not the reason but occasionally when I thought it wasn't working I had forgotten to press the show captions button!  Also, if you have the captions show in very quick succession they may not all show up.  It listens to the event the media fires saying its time has changed, although this is called at pretty short intervals it is possible for it to skip through a caption if they were only going to be on screen for a very short period of time.
It would be nice to have the option to change the font size and typeface of the captions.

Is it intended that once created a caption file could be subsequently loaded into the Timed Transcript window and then edited in that window?
If so is any plan to include any error checking of the file once it has been edited?

This is a great tool and I forward to when the packaging element will be available (any idea when :-)

Kind regards

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