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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
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Good idea. So you want to be able to add pages to your main page, questions to your pages.

Maybe build a single page likert quiz where you can add just questions to start with. If you want multi-page likert quizzes, just build new ones on a new page, that would make it easy for now.

So in the LO newNodes bit in the .xwd

<likert><!CDATA[<likert name="Enter Page Name" text="Instructions here"/>]]</likert>

Then later on

<!-LIKERT QUIZ--------------------------------------------->
  <quiz menu="Interactivity" menuItem="Likert Scale" icon="icPageWhiteGear" remove="true" thumb="thumbs/likert.jpg" hint="info on likert here">
    <name type="textInput" label="Likert Title"/>

      <likertStatement><![CDATA[<likertStatement statement="Here is a statement"/>]]></likertStatement>


You also need to define the form for a likertStatement - but that's easy...

  <likertStatement menuItem="Statement" icon="icPageWhite" remove="true">

    <statement type="TextField" label="Statement"/>

      <option><![CDATA[<option text="here is an option" feedback="feedback for this option" correct="false"/>]]></option>


Then you can build a skinny likert.rlm, and start getting at the data the same way other pages do (refer to some simple ones). You should be able to add statements to the questionnaire, and see them in the data too: then start on the basic interaction, you'll need to duplicate a protoStatement the right number of times.

That should get you going. One obvious question is how to handle the user feedback?

Then think about more options, like how many options to present the user: can the author set the scale? Other stuff like that?

10th and 11th October we are running a xerte event here at Nottingham - come along,


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What I was trying to do was a multi page questionnaire, with a likert rating for each question.

So a framework in which you define a series of question sets, one per page,  each containing a series of questions for each page,  with five radio buttons per question. Its so I could use it to put together skills audits and other questionairres and ideally extend it to put in a bar chart at the end...

I'm still learning about xertes though, so maybe I need to do a simple model first then, and then extend it to this multi-page one?

I also had a problem with the buttons seemingly returning the wrong parent index when it was

a)      The last radio button of the last question on a page the  index of it's parent node (the question number) is decremented by one too many

b)      The last radio button of each set of five gives a parent node incremented by one..

I just thought I'd mention this in case it was a known bug in xertes 2. I basically modified the simple quiz example, and duplicated five radio buttons per question, so know idea why only the last ones are returning bad indexes when the code is identical...

Thanks for your advice, I will scale down to a simple example and start from there...

Liz Cowell
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I always do it this way:

- Modify the .xwd to know about the model. There are two things to do:

1)      The part in <learningObject><newNodes> that defines the payload you want inserting into the LO, i.e.

<text><![CDATA[<text name="Enter Page Title">Enter text for the page here</text>]]></text>

2)      the information that defines the form for that model. Each moel has it's own section, i.e.

<!--TEXT PAGE------------------------------------------------------->
  <text type="text" label="Page Text" height="380" menu="Text" menuItem="Plain Text" icon="icPageWhiteText" remove="true" thumb="thumbs/plaintext.jpg" hint="A plain and simple text page.">

    <name type="TextInput" label="Page Title"/>

    <textWidth type="comboBox" label="Text Width" options="Small,Medium,Large,Full" data="300,450,600,760" defaultValue="300" width="100" optional="true"/>

    <subSuper type="CheckBox" label="Superscript Support" optional= "true" default="false"/>

    <narrationNavigate type="CheckBox" label="Navigate on narration" optional="true"/>
    <playNarration type="CheckBox" label="Auto-play narration" optional="true"/>
    <narration type="media" label="Narration" optional="true"/>


Then you can insert it from the insert menu, and the text model is added to the learningobejct in the right place.

Then develop your model so you are getting the data from the wizard, start simply.

Then as you develop the logic, you can develop the wizard to provide the right information.

What does your model do?

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Subject: [Xerte] importing models into xertes toolkit...


I've developed a multipage questionnaire, and have saved it as a model. I can import it using  the "insert model" option, but I want to be able to insert it like the other models, when you run the online toolkits template wizard - ie where it says +Insert, I want my model to appear and be usable.

I saw the template.xwd referred to the models for insert , and managed to hack mine in place of the quiz one, but it doesn't really work. I can see I somehow have to put the definitions from the initial xml/xwd files into the template.xwd/xml or ensure it's in the rlm but I don't really know where.. On peeking into the other rlms it appears the other models have additional startup scripting which determines where they are being called from, which is not explained anywhere that I can find.

Is there any in-depth guidance on this, or how you integrate anything you build into the toolkit so that it can be used easily by other people in my team? I want them to be able to use xertes and add either the standard things like quizzes etc or add my model??

Also, I cannot find out what the file Templates options does. It creates a template, but an xtp rather than an rlt ? not sure what the difference is?.

I feel like I have missed out on some documentation somewhere? Any help / direction much appreciated, as it seems like a big leap from simply running through the startup guide on a quiz to getting a fuller integrated solution which adds the models we want to xertes...  I can do action script and programming etc, but feel like I am having to work backwards from the examples given to work out how to do things and I am not sure I am getting it right..

Any help much much appreciated, seem to have spent a while on this and am on verge of giving up now.

Liz Cowell
Learning and Skills Librarian
Learning & Information Services
University of Wolverhampton
Tel: 01902 322385
Email: E.Cowell at wlv.ac.uk<mailto:E.Cowell at wlv.ac.uk>

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