[Xerte] Re: Navigator plus bug

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Fri Jul 27 18:58:13 BST 2012

Hi Alistair

does the LO you've taken these screenshots from still exist with the same
page type?

If it does can you post a link?

I'm guessing from a quick check that you may have replaced that page with a
normal tabnav page because it wasn't working as you wanted?




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Hi people

I don't know how to resolve such things (sorry, non coder) but I've found a
bug in Navigator Plus pages: as shown in screenshots below.


If you have some sub pages with images in them things go seriously awry. In
example below everything is fine on first load.






.and everything is fine when I click on the image page as shown below....





HOWEVER things go seriously wrong when I then click on any other page
because the system seems to think it needs to allow room for that image on
all subsequent shows of subsequent subpages. Even going back to first
subpage finds it is now messed up. 





Finally, if the first subpage in the stack contains an image the problem
affects slide loading as soon as you get to this slide as shown below. 




I love the potential of this page type and am keen to use it in different
ways so any advice for fixes will be gratefully received.






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