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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Jul 20 14:16:03 BST 2012

I just tried that with the beta code for 1.8 and it works OK.

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Whilst I can import LOs into our XOT install now (thanks to Pat's tireless efforts) I am encountering a problem with "re-zipped" LOs.

If I import a LO that I previously exported, no problem. However, if I unzip that LO and then rezip it, it appears to import but when I try to preview or edit it, it is "empty". On the server the data.xml file is missing an the preview.xml file is 0B.

I've tried using the zip built into OS X 10.6, and YemuZip which can produce a "PC Zip" ie clean of OS X resource forks. Neither work.

Is anyone else having problem importing re-zipped learning objects? The reason I ask is because I was sent to LOs zipped together and to import them I need to split them out.


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