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Hello Jonathan:


Thanks for that info.. Sorry to confuse the issue.. I was using xerte
desktop 2.17  templates/navigators/column page. And yes, this was from the
.zip download for page templates.


Can I ask - what is  the correct way to upgrade to v2.18? Would I install
over top of the 2.17 install or should it be removed first? And - what about
my existing projects which might have used the .zip template pages - will
they still run/exist or will I need to rebuild those pages again?


BTW I think you had a new page for multiple movies that showed a thumbnail
along the top of the page - did that make it in to 2.18? I'm itching to get
my hands on that one.




Merry Xmas!



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Hello Ron,


Before I can provide more detailed help I need to clarify a couple of


1) Are you using the latest version of Xerte? This version has a menu option
"Pages / Create New Pages Project" or are you using the original page
wizards that came as a separate zip file that was not part of the Xerte

2) Which page are you using? There is a Column Page, a Tabbed Navigator
Page, a Tabbed Navigator + page, but not a Tabbed Column page.


Both the original page wizards and the new Pages Project individual Page
Templates (still sometimes confusingly referred to as Wizards) both suffer
from the same issue. They are based on pages from XOT and XOT can put some
code in the main project to be called by individual pages. A good example of
this is the code to support narration of an audio file when the page loads.
To overcome this problem when I created the original pageWizards.zip
download I also made available additional downloads to provide the code to
support these features. However with the latest version of Xerte the
original page wizards are now obsolete.


If you have the latest version of Xerte then create a new project by
selecting from the Xerte Menu "Pages / Create New Pages Project". This will
create a new empty project that has all the additional code to support every
one of the individual Page Templates. If you then select the interface icon
and then click on the "Pages" menu a drop down list of all the available
page types will be displayed. Select the page type you want to add to your
project and the page will be added to your project (the creation of a folder
for the page will be handled automatically) Then you can double click on the
new page you have added to open the page's wizard form. 


I am sorry that at present the option to create a new pages project is not
available from the File / New menu, which can lead to confusion. I am
hopeful that this will be tidied up in the New Year.


Please try the above and if you can't get things working let me know which
version of Xerte you are using and which page and I will help you to get
things working. 


Kind regards




On 22 December 2012 23:03, KnowledgeWare <knowledgeware at kccsoft.com> wrote:

I'm trying to club the 'tabbed column' wizard page into submission inside
xerte desktop, but it is winning.  My page 'name' (title) doesn't appear and
I don't see how I can control the image sizes (the images are all
identically sized). Anyone know where I can set these things?


This page was created in desktop xerte using the 'tabbed column' wizard. I
created a subdirectory called 'tabbedColumn'. Do I need to create separate
directories for each wizard page I use.if I use another tabbed column page
can I put it into the same 'tabbedColumn' directory or do I need to create
unique directories for each wizard page? Do these directories (which contain
their own rlm/xml files) need to be moved to the server when the piece is
packaged.or does the packing import them into the main piece?





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