[Xerte] resize problem with XOT 1.8 stops it working

Cowell, Elizabeth E.Cowell at wlv.ac.uk
Thu Dec 20 00:16:58 GMT 2012

hello there,

I've found out that when I export content from XOT as html and load it in a browser it fails to resize the window properly when you select a new screen size. this seems to result in a truncation of the flash object as it is then contained in a div too small to display it and so you can't access the menu bars and it is unusable / unplayable. 

ie the HTML for the div containing the flash object after the flash object resize still has the dimensions set to 600 by 800 even tho the flash object is larger. at least that's what it seems to be at a quick glance. 

strangely if you host the same exported code on a local host xampp server and do the resize the javascript does then change the div size correctly.  so when testing everything works ok until exported to a host on a real server. no idea what's going on but is there a fix for this? 

I looked back at some older content I did with xerte and it has the same problem. 

thanks if you can assist


Liz Cowell
skills development team
university of Wolverhampton 

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