[Xerte] Re: Xerte Online Toolkit v1.9 - LDAP settings for a Novell network

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Wed Dec 19 15:58:06 GMT 2012

Did you upgrade or create a new install?
If you upgraded run upgrade.php to transfer ldap details from the site
details table to the ldap table.
Then try different details via management.php with that open in one browser
and testing login in a different browser.
Check that the details are being stored in the ldap table.

I don't know the specifics of Netware but the doc attached might help with
the differences from 1.7 to 1.9.


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Hi all

Has anyone got a working set of LDAP settings for a Netware-based network?
We've left the bind password blank as we don't authenticate to our LDAP
servers, but not sure what to set the filter and other bind values for - we
use cn for username, knownAs for the full name, dn for their location within
the tree (e.g. cn=username,ou=admin,ou=site,o=hull-college) and have set the
basedn to be o=hull_coll (the same as we do for moodle).

This is for the latest version. The previous one we were running had the
LDAP code hacked to ignore the database settings for it, but it doesn't look
as straightforward to do this in the latest version.


David Perry
eLearning Technologist, eLearning Team (L34 - Library) Hull College Group
Wilberforce Drive, Queen's Gardens, Hull
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