[Xerte] Creating new template question

Dave Burnett d_b_burnett at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 30 15:42:39 BST 2012

I'm playing with the new 2.18 version (Thanks to Johnathan and all!).
I've made a new template and can load it onto the flowline.
Now I want to alter the underlying model and to do that I need to get test data into it.
So I open a new file and insert the .rlm from the models file.
In the first script icon of the .rlm we have:
if (extXML == undefined){  // Page Wizard  pageIcon.templateData = pageIcon.extXML.toObject();  pageIcon.templateData = pageIcon.templateData.pageWizard[0];
Am I missing something, e.g. if extXML is undefined, won't pageIcon.extXML also be undefined?
What I need to do obviously is get data into pageIcon.templateData in order to get the model to function.

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