[Xerte] Re: XOT "Upload a new Template" button not working

Julien CHEZEAUX julien.chezeaux at scassi.com
Wed Aug 29 10:06:04 BST 2012

Hello all!

Trying to make a new model available in XOT, I created a new template with Xerte (Page Template).
Then I created the new model (indeed, I cloned and modified the slideshow model).
Then I updated the template.xwd, following this guide<http://wiki.xerte.net/index.php5?title=Template_table#Xerte_Wizard>.

Now I have a template that suits me, and I want to get it usable in XOT.
So, reading the previous Xerte mailing list posts on this topic, a created a zip file containing the template, that is:

*         mytemplate/common/*

*         mytemplate/languages/*

*         mytemplate/media/*

*         mytemplate/models/* (-> with my modified copy of slideshow.rlm)

*         mytemplate/thumbs/*

*         mytemplate/mytemplate.rlt

*         mytemplate/template.xml

*         mytemplate/template.xwd (-> updated to define the new model)

But, as some other people here, I am stuck with the template upload button in management.php, which doesn't do anything, neither giving me any error message.

Is there a way to resolve this problem, or a different way to import a template in XOT ? Maybe manually copying the files on the file system and updating the database ?

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl <mailto:xerte%40lists.nottingham.ac.uk?Subject=Re%3A%20%5BXerte%5D%20Re%3A%20XOT%20%22Upload%20a%20new%20Template%22%20button%20not%20working&In-Reply-To=%3C4ECCC8F5.80507%40tor.nl%3E> wrote
on Wed Nov 23 10:20:37 GMT 2011:

It is not trivial to create a correct zip file form an existing XOT


1. Create a folder  to hold the template

2. copy the files from modules\xerte\template\<templatename>  to that folder

3. copy the files from modules\xerte\parent_template\<templatename>  to

that folder

4. rename data.xwd and data.xml to template.xwd and template.xml

5. zip the folder created in 1.

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