[Xerte] Re: buttonFillColour issue (Xerte 2.17)

Marcin Sadło cineksa at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 16:03:51 BST 2012

<they have to be erased - they aren't then redrawn. I'll have a look
at it later> http://i47.tinypic.com/s5whv7.png

Has anything changed? What is the solution for redrawing the fills?

Could it be done by editing *.rlm models? If yes, which one?



I think it's probably a 'feature': when the buttons are drawn on the
linear interface, the fills are drawn behind them; when they are moved
to accommodate the other navigation styles, they have to be erased -
they aren't then redrawn. I'll have a look at it later,

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I have an with Xerte inteface, buttonFillColour is merged with
buttonTextColour when Navigation is set to Menu OR Menu with Page
I've attached detailed image buttonTextColor_issue.png , it's also
accessible here: http://i47.tinypic.com/s5whv7.png

I use XERTE v2.17 - Windows 7 x64. Tested with Colour Scheme; Optional
Properities;  external CSS file

Question:  How to enable buttonFillColour with "nonlinear" types of
navigation - in Xerte, by editing interface\backgroud\setup ->Script ?

Buttons should have different background color + different outline -
as defined in properties BUT with navigation other than "Linear".

Thank you in advance!

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