[Xerte] importing a project/ object

Catherall, Paul P.Catherall at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Aug 17 15:18:31 BST 2012

Sorry if this is an obvious question, we are still on Xerte v.2.

if I export a Xerte project as a zip (not SCORM) is it possible to re-import the object back into Xerte from the workspace root / properties/ import? The imported object appears in my workspace but without content showing, the zip file does seem to contain all the required files and media however.

I am trying to migrate/copy an object made in a personal user's account into a shared AD account where a number of us share a login for the same Xerte workspace, I got the user to 'share' the object but I couldn't edit it.

Just wondering if we are missing something in terms of export/ import, I seem to recall we had probs exporting a year or so back and needed some fixes, looks like we may have reintroduced the same problems again with a pre- v.3 upgrade.

Any ideas appreciated!



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