[Xerte] [Xerte 2.17 ] CRs in text entry

Hugo Callens hugo.callens at socius.be
Tue Aug 14 18:01:20 BST 2012

I also need a solution for having different lines in a text entry field. I would like a simple Enter, not the CTRL+Enter solution.
Tried to add a property 'multiline' with value "1" and with value "true" to my text entry icon, but no effect in neither case.
Any suggestions?


Multiline = true

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A very minor query. Is there a text entry property I can set which would
allow the user to insert carriage returns by hitting Enter? I can't see
any such property in the Help file. If this can't be enabled, it's not
important as I'm not after the user entering massive screeds of text,
just a few lines. 



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