[Xerte] relative paths in img tags links

Laurent MATHIEU laurent.mathieu at scassi.com
Wed Aug 8 22:00:08 BST 2012


Some of my images cannot be found after I import a XOT exported LO into another XOT server. This more than likely due to some absolute links being used into some img tags.

I was just wondering if there is a way to change those to some kinds of relative paths?

i.e. something like  <img src="my-relative-path/picture.png">  rather than  <img src="http://localhost/xertetoolkits/USER-FILES/14-guest2-Nottingham/media/picture.png">

The main issue is that the subfolder "14-guest2-Nottingham" turns into different names after I import my LO in another XOT server.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


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