[Xerte] Xerte Installation Errors

Craig Harper ch at ats2002.com
Wed Aug 8 15:43:35 BST 2012

Good afternoon,

I'm attempting to install Xerte on behalf of the Adult Education College, Bexley.  The setup goes well but fails on the page4.php page.  Each db 'insert' query fails with the following error:

"The sitedetails site ID query insert into sitedetails(site_id) VALUES ( "1") has failed due to No database selected"

When I've checked in phpmyadmin the database and table exists.  I can't see anything on the previous page about specifying the database name so presume it's stored in a session variable?

It's running on an Ubuntu 12.04 server, PHP 5.3.10, Apache 2.2.22, MySQL 5.5.22.

Has anyone any pearls of wisdom about this?

Thanks in advance,


Best regards

Craig Harper
Allied Technical Services (UK) Ltd

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