[Xerte] viewing data in array question

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Wed Sep 14 04:16:28 BST 2011

I'd like to be able to view all the data inside the rootIcon.trackingData
array - but when I run it in 'debug' it just lists (object Object) six
times. I was expecting to see a list of all the objects and properties.I'd
just like a visual way to confirm all the data in the array during
development. Anyone know how I can do that?


rootIcon.trackingData = new Array();


for (i=0;i<numpages;i++){

rootIcon.trackingData[i] = new Object();



rootIcon.trackingData[1].score = 88;

rootIcon.trackingData[1].passmark = 100;

rootIcon.trackingData[1].name = 'Mickey Mouse';

rootIcon.trackingData[2].score = 22222;

rootIcon.trackingData[3].score = 3333333;

debug( rootIcon.trackingData );        //all I see here is (object Object)
six times - was expecting to see score, passmark, name properties, etc.






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