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Robert Chalmers robert at chalmers.com.au
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A little bit closer to the action.


A completely new install gives me 


The sitedetails LDAP preference query insert into ldap(ldap_filter)values('cn=students') has failed due to Field 'ldap_knownname' doesn't have a default value
The sitedetails copyright query update sitedetails set copyright="© Copyright University of Nottingham 2008" where site_id="1" has failed due to Incorrect string value: '\xA9 Copy...' for column 'copyright' at row 1

These failures may affect your site, please see if they can be rectified using the management tools or altering the database directly.


However – when I access the site, using admin, it does honour the login/password, but when I try to do anything, like see properties I get



Note that syntax.  No .php, and a _1 added.


Is this program written with the latest PHP complient?



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So, what I have to do in the database if I use ldap, is to have a list of users and their credentials entered into the ldap table of the database. 

(If I don’t use Moodle auth.) and in this case, a potential teacher would contact me, I’d add them to the ldap data table, and they are good to go?



Ø  Ldap exists to provide authentication for users, there isn't another option unless you have moodle or want to use switch.php.

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Ok, let me be a bit more specific now.

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