[Xerte] Re: Fill window in IE9 not working

Robert Chalmers robert at chalmers.com.au
Mon Oct 31 22:13:20 GMT 2011

Ok, let me be a bit more specific now.


I’ve fiddled with this xertetoolkits for a few days now. I’m on Windows XP Pro. Apache server, and visible on the internet (your-english-success.com) although I install locally of course. I’m using the latest PHP, MySQL, and so on. Constantly updated.


I have tried removing everything from the install directory, and dropping the database, and re-installing from the zip archive again.


I kind of have it working – as you can see if you want to try - your-english-success.com/xertetoolkits/ However – apart from being able to create a new project that’s it. I can create it, but not edit it. There is no login – it just runs. /management seems to achieve nothing?


Anyway – I’m beginning to wonder if the whole thing is just too primitive to continue with? The standalone exe is fine. Very nice, but if I can’t get the web based one to work at all.


What is the purpose of the ldap inclusion? What/who uses it?

Should I create specific users for the xerte database in mysql first?

Are these users showing up in ldap as well?


And yes, I’ve read the pdf manual, and it seems to assume that I have a working installation to start with.

Oh well,





Op 31-10-2011 11:18, Pat Lockley schreef: 

The duplicate ID looks like the system tried to install twice?
if you go to management.php, or use phpmyadmin you should be able to
set the values that way.
On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 3:13 AM, Robert Chalmers  <mailto:robert at chalmers.com.au> <robert at chalmers.com.au> wrote:

Hi folks,
Tried installing the Xertetoolikts, and to the best of my knowledge all is
fine. Apart from the following that show in the final screen.

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