[Xerte] Installed Xertetoolkits - Can't connect?

Robert Chalmers robert at chalmers.com.au
Mon Oct 31 03:13:41 GMT 2011

Hi folks,

Tried installing the Xertetoolikts, and to the best of my knowledge all is fine. Apart from the following that show in the final screen.


I’m running the latest PHP, the latest MySQL, and I guess the latest XerteToolkit.


The sitedetails site ID query insert into sitedetails(site_id) VALUES ( "1") has failed due to Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY'
The sitedetails LDAP preference query insert into ldap(ldap_filter)values('cn=') has failed due to Field 'ldap_knownname' doesn't have a default value
The sitedetails copyright query update sitedetails set copyright="© Copyright University of Nottingham 2008" where site_id="1" has failed due to Incorrect string value: '\xA9 Copy...' for column 'copyright' at row 1
These failures may affect your site, please see if they can be rectified using the management tools or altering the database directly.

I go to the web page – index.php, and it shows the root login and password – however, it tells me that it’s the wrong combination anyway.


The setup creates the xerte database ok, and populates it – but that’s it.


I can’t get any further with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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>From Shanghai PC
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