[Xerte] Re: Can't get export to work

Henk Klopping henk at fortean.org
Fri Oct 21 14:49:00 BST 2011

Julian Tenney wrote:
> The one I sent Henk was the one I exported this morning when I tested stuff. But I'll double check.

Not sure if I understand this correctly, but it sounds as if you're 
updating the /STABLE/ release instead of the /CURRENT/ release...?

Normally one has a stable release that typically is used for 12 months 
or thereabout. Then we have the 'beta' release, which is typically the 
release that is being tested and which will become the next 'stable' 
release. And then you have the yippee-ayee version, typically the 
'nighly builds' - perfect stuff for the developers, and the basis for 
the next beta release.

If you mix these up, you go Apollo 13.

What I saw happening this week was that the STABLE release was updated a 
number of times, which should never happen.

Yes, I can be pedantic.

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