[Xerte] Re: Can't get export to work

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Fri Oct 21 10:54:49 BST 2011

It should be in <root folder>/modules/xerte/scorm

Op 21-10-2011 11:17, Henk Klopping schreef:
> Julian Tenney wrote:
>> I think you've got the wrong rloObject.js file.
>> Try this one.
> Yippee! That worked :-)
> For now, I just copied the new one over into my test directory 
> manually, but I guess I have to put it somewhere in the xerte tree 
> too, so it will be automatically included into any learning objects I 
> create?
> And maybe a new version should be generated and put on site, as I feel 
> this is quite a severe bug we just killed :) [Heinlein, anybody?]
> BTW: maybe the bug that reacts to whitespace at the end of the 
> database.php file (or the one that puts it there, or both).. should be 
> eliminated too?
> Sideline: the package as delivered also contains a lot of DOS 
> formatted text files. The software seems to cope with that, but maybe 
> we should create a Linux version, package it as a RPM, and put that on 
> site too? I'm currently rather busy with various stuff, but would like 
> to contribute to this project, as a good Open Source VLE (on any 
> platform) is of great value.
> Suuuomikkie vinnouuven,


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