[Xerte] Re: xerte online toolkits config.php missing

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Oct 19 12:03:46 BST 2011

What is in that zip is the stable version.

Are these new problems Pat?

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   Thanks for that update to the zip file. I can now run management.php and login. However, there are some further problems:
1.      When I click on "Users", or "Users Templates" nothing happens. The browser status bar tells me that a javascript function has been executed (users_list, or user_templates_list) but the displayed content does not change. So I'm unable to create a user account.
2.      When I click on "Central Templates" I'm getting php code mixed in with the returned html (see attached screen shot).

Is there a "stable"/tested version of the xerte online toolkit that I can try? The "available" zip file and svn trunk seem to be in mid-stream between one stable version and another, and therefore appear to contain incomplete or untested changes.

Thanks for your help,

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