[Xerte] XOT with WordPress

Jenny.S jennysong.ss at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 12:23:16 GMT 2011

I'm trying to make XOT working inside Wordpress. WordPress does not support
session. Although I found a solution in
but I start thinking-- can XOT work without session support?
I don't need LDAP, users must be logged in WordPress to use XOT. Management
of users and projects will be under WordPress system. Technics of creating
projects will be under XOT. Most of the XOT database tables will be changed
to use existing wordpress tables, and will be cached as object after querry.
I haven't worked on this idea yet. I would like to know if anything
technically not possible to do so before I hit my head on the wall.
Please shade lights, both green lights and red lights are very much
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