[Xerte] Problem with XOT file path

Jenny.S jennysong.ss at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 10:47:36 GMT 2011

I put XOT files inside my main site under a subdirectory*
'library\includes\xot\'*, and I didn't use the XOT setup process. Instead,
I write the config.php manually to point things to my site.
Now I have problem config the path-- the root file path is with "\" while
the XOT short pathes are with "/" , when joining the 2 pathes, I got wrong
path. For example:

define( 'XOT_DIR', substr(getcwd(),0,strlen(getcwd())-5) );
$xerte_toolkits_site->users_file_area_short = 'USER_FILES/'

 $xerte_toolkits_site->users_file_area_full =
 $xerte_toolkits_site->root_file_path  .

The output is:


so, I modified the full path to:
$xerte_toolkits_site->users_file_area_full =
 $xerte_toolkits_site->root_file_path  .* '\\' *.
The output is:


Seems not right. Is it how the thing supose to be, or should I use
str_replace to change the '\'  to '/' ?

Thanks for helping!
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