[Xerte] Re: Can I send mail in toolkits via asp page

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Nov 24 08:52:38 GMT 2011

It should do, yes. Make a local project so you can debug it. Is this security? Does your ado get called at all?
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I have mail sending in desktop xerte 2 via sendAndLoadVars through an asp

I've saved a page with an attached script icon with the email send code (as
below) as a model and imported it to toolkits 1.5. The script icon is set to
isFunc=0 in the toolkits version so it will execute (it's isFunc = 1 in the
desktop version because it has to be called to execute). I'm expecting the
code to execute and the mail to send. The testemail.asp page at this point
doesn't need any parameters to run, it its called it will send a test mail,
however I can't seem to call it at all with the script below.

Does toolkits support the use of the script icon? Any reason I can't do
this? Debug and trace don't bring anything up... is there a way to use debug
or trace in toolkits?


Works in desktop, but not after import to toolkits as a model:

myData = new LoadVars();    //create the loadvars object, then add
myData.firstname = "Ron";
myData.lastname = "McNutt";
myData.email = "xyx at xyz.com";
myData.phone = "604-000-0000";
myData.addressee = "system at xyz";
myData.program = "test course";

//now send it

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