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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 13:57:36 GMT 2011

Those examples on my site are really just a few basic examples and mostly
just style changes.
You can obviously do a lot of customisation using XMLEngine.fla but be aware
that you are then out of sync with the official downloads and may need to
merge future changes/additions with your customisations.

Also as we've said on this list before one of the main strengths of Xerte
and XOT is its built-in accessibility and it worries me every time I hear
people say they want to remove the drop down menus at the bottom of the
screen. These play a large part of the accessibility - please think
carefully before removing these just for aesthetic reasons. If you really
need to hide those options please consider adding a button so that users can
still access those features.


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Hi Andy.

We were looking for a "guide" or something on the Internet but without luck.

Ron Mitchell has in his webpages some examples about customizations over XOT
LO look, but none of them change the look too much, so probably its not an
easy task.

Yesterday, we downloaded the latest code from the google code svn of xerte
and xot. We're not sure what version is.

Anyway, the plan is:

1. Install xot from xerteonlinetoolkits svn folder..
2. Open with Adobe Flash the "XMLEngine.fla" file from "xerte" svn folder.
3. Publish from Adobe Flash the "XMLEngine.fla" file to "XMLEngine.swf".
4. Replace "XMLEngine.swf" in xerteonlinetoolkits for the new one.
5. Test if XOT works.

Lets see what happen.

By the other hand, I think its important to document an example of

If we succeed, we will publish it on Internet.

Take care.


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Hi Jose - did you get anywhere with how to change the 'skin'? This is where
I need to go and so any hints would be welcome.



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Hi everyone and thanks in advance.

We're trying to customize "the look" of scorm packages built from XOT.

We want to change how learning objects are shown: change logo, move buttons
(forward, backward, etc.) to the bottom of the screen, hide all dropdown
lists at the bottom of the screen, etc.

We're take a look to "XMLEngine.fla" file, but we're not sure if we're in
the right path. When we open the "XMLEngine.fla" with Adobe Flash, it shows
a grayed rectangle with a lot of code. We just want to "drag and drop"
elements of the screen to new positions.

Attached to this message, we send an image of an example how much we want to
change the "skin" of the learning objects.

Any "step-by-step" guide to change this "look"?

After changing the "look", we want to translate to spanish the XOT ... but
this is another history.

Thanks a lot again.

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