[Xerte] Moodle/XERTE - videos not playing

Brydges, Stephen Stephen.Brydges at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Nov 14 13:38:12 GMT 2011

I'm trying to import xerte scorm content into Moodle. I am using Moode 2.1.2 (previous version always failed) and have tried XERTE content created with Xerte 2, as both Scorm 1.2 and 2004.
In Moodle I can use IMS Resource or Scorm Activity to import the zip from the Repository. It appears to work well with paging buttons etc. But when I get to a video (embedded  as a flv) it won't play. It seems to load happily, and the tracking bar allows me to verify that the whole movie has loaded, but it seems to play for about 10 frames before stopping.
Any ideas about this issue specifically, or whether there is a better way to integrate XERTE and Moodle? I'd rather host the learning object and media together within the Moodle authentication if possible.

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