[Xerte] Flash ComboBox doesn't work in Xerte

Kent Chesnut kent_chesnut at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 8 01:37:24 GMT 2011

Xerte gurus,

I'm using the Graphic icon to include a Flash .swf file into my Xerte .rlo.  Everything seems to work but the Flash combobox.  It won't drop-down and if I use an arrow to try to select a different entry, I only get a blank and can't go back to the original entry.

* Xerte 1.6 (and it is using the Flash 9 player even though Flash Player 10 is installed on the computer???)
* Using Flash CS5
* Specify AS2 and publishing for Flash 7 player (I've tried different players with no difference)

Any help you can supply will be much appreciated.

Have a great day, Kent

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