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It looks good, but I cannot get the presentation to open on page 10  a
box flashes up very quickly and disappears.




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Hi all

I've had so many good ideas from people and useful advice that I thought
I'd let people see where I've got to so far so I can get comments on how
to improve it. Also copied to technical list in case they have any ideas
on improvements (preferably not too technical!).


Please note that I've just worked on the basic Xerte skeleton at the
moment. I intend to use Xerte to link to jigsaw type activities (and
other web based tools) as well as Interactive PowerPoints and
interactive Word documents. http://itq.jisctechdis.ac.uk/xerte/play_66
is the resource so far.


All of the templates I've used are bog standard Xerte templates but in
places I've used a tiny bit of html code <img src="url goes here"> in
the standard dialogue boxes to add some extra images. I uploaded the
extra images using the Properties panel and then the Media and quota tab
which allows you both to upload resources directly (like extra images or
PPTs) as well as get a url for any resource you uploaded.


I used the New Page Navigator template to link an interactive PowerPoint
into the mix and I'll use this later for links to jigsaws and
interactive Word docs as well.


I found PPT absolutely brilliant as a really quick tool for editing
images - for example in Slide 13 on the guitar section I needed arrows
to point to different things that were being spoken about. I put the
image I needed into PPT, duplicated it as many times as I needed then
added the arrow, moving and resizing as required (see image below). You
can then either group the arrow and image together and right click to
"Save as image" or you can do what I did which was to use FS Capture - a
free and portable screen snipping tool) to  capture just the bits of
each image that I needed. It's really quick once you have a logical


Things I'm struggling with? At the moment the first three images on
slide 13 don't show, even though they are definitely loaded and I can
reference them in a test page on slide 14. I'm looking into that. I'm a
little unsure if language levels etc are right. Content wise it's a bit
of a mix but that's because we are using it as a test to sell an idea
about how we could create development focused resources across different
parts of the curriculum.


I'm giving this a public outing on Thursday to see if it is worth
developing for a schools consortium context in Hampshire so any
improvements you can suggest in the short term will be welcome and after
Thursday there may be opportunity for me to extend this work much
further. I'll keep people updated because live projects are always fun,
especially getting input and ideas from people. 





PowerPoint being used as a Xerte Image editor.





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