[Xerte] Re: Moodle authentication patch gives blank screen

David Goodwin david at palepurple.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 23:24:52 GMT 2011


> 2.       I know it’s doing something, because in config.php I set the debug switch to 1, and it gives me a php error.
> // Error reporting fix - please set
> ini_set('error_reporting', 1);
> and this reports 
> ‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function _debug() in F:\My Websites\yes\xerte\website_code\php\database_library.php on line 110’
> I’ve reset that back to 0, as it provided no insights at all.

Your version of config.php is out of date. It should contain something like the following :

if(!function_exists('_debug')) {
    function _debug($string) {
        @file_put_contents('/tmp/debug.log', $string, FILE_APPEND);

Pasting the above into config.php should fix your problem.... You might wish to change '/tmp/debug.log' to something else - e.g. 'c:\debug.log' if you're on Windows.


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