[Xerte] Re: Moodle authentication patch gives blank screen

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 09:08:22 GMT 2011

There have been significant changes in the latest version of XOT which has meant that the previous moodlepatch doesn't work correctly with this latest version. However I've been changing and testing a new moodlepatch which works with the latest version of XOT and both moodle 1.9x and moodle 2.1x


This is much simpler now and only changes two files in the xerte folder and will hopefully be included in the xot download in future.

As usual use at your own risk etc etc and you really need to make sure your XOT installation is working correctly via switch.txt or demo.txt before applying the moodlepatch. All the patch does is provide authentication via moodle. If other things aren't working like creating/editing etc you need to ensure that's all working first.


Instructions in the zip.




BTW XOT is a powerful and reliable system but like with other software including Moodle newer releases sometimes require older mods and patches etc to be updated too and although the version on the Nottingham site says 1.7 behind the scenes there has been lots of development in prep for a newer release. Although this sometimes introduces problems better that than a static product with no ongoing development and enhancement like some other open source tools out there.


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I set up a brand new xertetoolkit install, made usre I could at least login (there are other problems) then installed the moodle auth patch. 

All it gives is a blank screen.


Much hand wringing….




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