[Xerte] Re: Upload template to Xerte Toolkits

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Fri Mar 25 08:46:57 GMT 2011

Julian, Patrick,

I think I finally figured out how to import a template into Xerte 
Toolkits using the importer.

There are (I think) two bugs in the import_template.php:

Before line 318 (the loop that copies the models) there should be a line 
to set up the loop

copy_loop($xerte_toolkits_site->import_path . $this_dir . "models");

And the lines that copy the template.rlt, the template.xwd and the 
template.xml should be before the loop that cleans up the import 
area..., so I moved them to line

delete_loop($xerte_toolkits_site->import_path . $this_dir); (line 332 of 
the original file)

Can you please verify? I included my version and a diff.



Op 24-3-2011 13:54, Tom Reijnders schreef:
> I still can't manage to upload a template to XOT.
> I retrived the Nottingham template to my local PC
>  - renamed data.xwd and data.xml to template.*
>  - edit the template in Xerte Standalone
> Now... how do I get this in a template package to be uploaded using 
> the management.php
> I already figured out that I need to zip the folder above the files. 
> So now I have:
> template\Example.rlt
> template\data.xwd
> template\data.xml
> template\common\*
> template\media\*
> template\models\*
> template\thumbs\*
> in a zip file, and the management.php says  the structure is mad, but 
> in XOT itself, I can't see the template (and yes, I renamed the 
> template in the xml)
> Regards,
> Tom


Tom Reijnders
TOR Informatica
Chopinlaan 27
5242HM Rosmalen
Tel: 073 5226191
Fax: 073 5226196

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