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Peter Rainger Peter.Rainger at geneticseducation.nhs.uk
Wed Mar 23 11:48:24 GMT 2011

I've used Xerte templates before to create some really good materials. However, I'm trying to move onto creating some bespoke materials and I seem to be coming unstuck.... I've tried two approachs as follows....

1) Once I've created a Learning Object using the templates I'm unable to open the final learning object XML in Xerte editor (as opposed to the template wizard), doing this would allow me to make small tweaks to the layout and presentation of page and additional media etc. Is this supposed to be possible - or is it too tied in with the templates?

2) Taking the other approach I create a very simple page-based learning object in the Xerte editor (manually so to speak). Then I think I'd like to add one of the interactions that the templates already do so well.

- Taking a very simple example like "orientation = orient" I try importing a Model to the object.
- The model imports and I'm able to launch a wizard specifically interaction by double-clicking the top-icon for the interaction
- I add some data and save the wizard, close the wizard and I am returned to the Xerte interface
- The data seems to been saved as a separate XML file _orient rather than in the XML of the object I'm working on
- When I preview / publish the object a page is created for the "model" bu not content is loaded into the final output !!!

This means I'm stuck moving beyond the template prescribed content OR forced to code very simple object and manually re-create all the interactions I need which were in the templates... which isn't worth me doing...

Any help, tips or suggestions or pointing out my misconceptions would be very helpful :-)

Kind Regards,
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