[Xerte] SWF Sound Problem

Deborah Delin admin at strivney.com
Tue Jul 12 19:33:09 BST 2011


I have put sound on some movie clips in a drag and drop exercise.  They play
fine in the SWF but not in Xerte.

The sound code, which is in the main timeline is as follows:

var Sound1:Sound = new Sound()

And in the movie clip's onPress code (also in main timeline):

movie_clip.onPress = function(){

I also have this._lockroot = true; in the first frame of the movie.

In case it's relevant, I have had no problems in Xerte with adding sound
dynamically to buttons with the following:

on (press) {
yellow = new Sound(this);
yellow.start(0, 1);

But this time I need the sound on movie clips for the drag and drop.

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated!

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