[Xerte] Re: RLO Corrupted when Certain Media Load Reached?

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Aug 15 11:07:20 BST 2011

Did you figure this out?

It sounds as though the rlo file is breaking as you import the media? Or something else in there is causing the XML to format badly. As Dave suggested, you can see where it broke by opening it in notepad or similar: maybe that gives a clue...

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Ermm... you've got me thinking that I am wrong about this but it happened 3 times.   I'll watch very carefully and report back.

What is the "media file"?
Do you mean 500 MB?

With Wizards, when you import media a "media" file is created, alongside the rlo.  MB?  No....... definitely KB's and not MB's.

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