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Patrick Lockley Patrick.Lockley at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Apr 5 14:35:53 BST 2011

The first error is caused by a debug line in config.php - comment out the ini_set at the top.

The session error comes from session.php (I think) - so comment out the session_start in session.php and it should work fine.

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Hi Pat
attached is the latest errors I get using your download from the link below rather than the beta link Julian sent earlier.

I tested first with my previous version of xampp which always worked with previous versions of XOT but now gives the session errors. I then upgraded the xampp to the latest version and installed and tested again. No longer get the session errors but do get the strict error - see doc.

Once these errors are fixed I need to test with the moodle patch. What's changed in the following files from the moodle patch?
index.php (


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All reported fixes are in, and some changes to make some things prettier

Download the new version (beta) from

Please :)

Pat Lockley
IS Learning Technology, Kings Meadow Campus

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0115 84 68882

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