[Xerte] Xerte3: Output of script errors

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Jun 30 13:31:16 BST 2010

Yes, better error handling can be done, with a heap of try.. catch stuff
in the engine and then dumping errors out via debug().

Right now it only does try catch on script execution, but as you are
aware, other stuff goes on. It's a big step on from Xerte 2 though...

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One major problem I ran into when debugging my piece is that (not all)
errors in scripts are sent to the output. E.g. I had a script which
updates a textfield. I deleted the textfield, everything seems to work
fine, but the missing textfield  made my script not run properly. So you
always have to remember, what you did last and perhaps revert it ... Do
you see any possibility to display ActionScript errors in the output (I
think some are shown, but couldn't make up which)?

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