[Xerte] xerte 2.n - Help needed to remove and then re-duplicateicons

Paul Swanson Paul.Swanson at harlandfs.com
Wed Jun 9 19:17:03 BST 2010

My suggestion is that when returning to the initial page, the array
would get repopulated, but I think at that point the duplicated
questions have already been created so you would just end up with twice
as many questions. I keep forgetting that Xerte runs through the xml
from start to finish when you launch it, rather than parsing as you
navigate through the app. So I don't think my suggestion would help. 




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Further to Paul's comment.


I may be failing to understand your suggestion, but in my new wizard
page (but not the simpler page based on the quiz, which I was using as a
proof of concept) I do take the question data and assign it to an array.
This array is then used as the control for the duplication of the icons
that creates a duplication for each question.


The problem is that because my page allows the end user to change
options that govern how many questions will be displayed, I must be able
to create a different number of questions each time the page is run and
this, as far as I can see, means that I have to delete the duplicated
icons and then duplicate a new set so that the icons match the number
needed and are not contaminated by their earlier incarnation. This is
the nub of the problem.


Kind regards




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