[Xerte] Video from Template Problems

Paul Swanson Paul.Swanson at harlandfs.com
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Are you absolutely certain the path to the file is correct? Any mistake in the path would prevent the video from loading. You won’t see any errors, just a blank screen like you describe. At least, that’s what happens when using a graphics icon to load a swf movie. I presume the flv video would behave the same way.


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Hi Ron,


Thanks for the prompt reply.


Yes, I am using .flv


I am wondering if it matters the version of the .flv (*if* there is such a thing as different versions of .flv).


I am currently experimenting with using a .flv video extracted from you tube. It views fine using the VLC player though.

Anything else for me to check, please?


Thanks for any assistance!

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	are you uploading .flv files? The only video format supported is .flv so you need to convert other files to that format before importing. Tools like FormatFactory are good for this.


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	I need help. I am trying to embed video in my presentation using the readily available template (from pageTemplate toolkits wizard).


	But unfortunately, although the page is there, there is no video showing, and neither are the controls nor the text that comes with the page (i.e. a blank page with only the title working/showing). Even when I was trying to preview the video at the design screen, no video is playing, although the controls can be seen.


	All other templates I have tried so far have worked well, with no problems. Appreciate any help, please. Thanks.


	Warm Regards.

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