[Xerte] ANN: Xerte 3 Windows and Mac versions now available

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Tue Jul 27 14:22:34 BST 2010

Not so sure you should change the name especially if you are looking to add
the wizards and templates at some point. What about XertePro or


Happy to get involved and help however I can.


Thanks to all involved for the latest versions - will have to try the Mac
version at some point - in fact maybe at the Apple event I'm attending


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Xerte 3 is now a cross platform application, with versions for Windows and
Mac. You can download the latest beta from the links below. Please feed in
any issues, bugs, feature requests or ideas.








You'll need the Air runtime installing on your machine:


Many many thanks to Peter Huppertz for creating the Air build and bringing
you the Mac version.


If you want to get involved in the project: whether testing, fixing, coding
new features or writing tutorials and documentation, now would be a great
time to pipe up. The project is on track to complete version 1.0 by
Christmas, and you can expect at least monthly updates to the beta between
now and then. The largest piece of outstanding work is to implement the
wizards and  templates, and to integrate the editor into Xerte Online
Toolkits. Consider 'Xerte3' a working title for now, as I think we should
give the software a different name and distinguish it from the existing
Xerte and Xerte Online Toolkits. Ideas are welcome: I'm looking for a word
beginning with 'X' that returns very few google results.












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