[Xerte] xerte 2 desktop - checkbox & radio button question

Kemp Johnathan johnathan.kemp at ntlworld.com
Tue Jul 20 08:48:21 BST 2010

Hello Mary Ann,

It's great to hear of someone who is enhancing the page wizards.

Do you intend to release your modifications to the Xerte community?

Have they necessitated much change to the .rml files or have you been able
to achieve your changes by replacing .swf files that end up in the "common"

Kind regards


On 19 July 2010 23:09, Mary Ann Ahearn <maryann at moberg.com> wrote:

> Hi all
> We're adapting the xerte page wizards to make content for use on a touch
> screen, so buttons need to be roughly 50 x 50 pixels.
> I've managed to adapt most everything I need except the check box and radio
> buttons that are part of the quiz and multiple choice wizards.  I looked in
> the source and found the following two lines, but can't find any external
> swf files with these names.  Are they flex component buttons?
>     box = this.attachMovie("FCheckBoxSymbol", "box"+this.levels,
> this.levels);
>     rad = this.attachMovie("FRadioButtonSymbol", "rad"+this.levels,
> this.levels);
> Are there external files I can change to make the buttons larger?
> Something that doesn't require messing with the source code?
> Is there another obvious solution I'm missing?
> Thanks so much!
> Mary Ann
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