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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Jul 16 08:30:29 BST 2010

I'd build a custom page in Xerte, and include that using the 'xerte'
page type: then you can do what you want, you can upload media using the
properties panel,


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As I've been doing some green screen tests for something else I  just
did a quick test with a .flv exported from Premiere. You have to select
the encode alpha channel option as detailed here
an_alpha.html so that the .flv includes the alpha channel. The problem
is if you're using toolkits rather than xerte I doubt you can achieve
what you want without changing some code. A couple of issues I can


1. if you import the .flv into the video page type in toolkits it should
import ok and retain the transparency of the .flv but that page type has
a white panel behind the clip so the benefit of the green screen is
lost. You can hide that with code or remove it altogether by tweaking
the model and to be honest I think wherever the white panel is included
in different XOT page types there should be an optional property to hide
it but I guess that could be something for a future release.


2. In the video page type you also get the controller by default with no
option to turn it off so depending on what you're trying to achieve that
may not be desirable.


3. Similar issues apply to swf's containing transparency e.g. the flash
animation page and image and sound page contain the white panel. However
you might be able to achieve what you want by using the column navigator
page with an optional image property added - that also allows selection
of a .swf but doesn't include the white panel so if the swf is
transparent it looks as it should.


I guess to summarise both toolkits and xerte support transparency in
.swf .flv and of course .png but it depends on what you're trying to
achieve whether you can do this without changing code or by using xerte
rather than XOT.





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Just wondering whether Xerte Toolkits supports flash videos (or swfs)
with transparent backgrounds? I was thinking of doing some green screen
stuff for some upcoming projects.


FYI, I'm not using Xerte 3 yet.

Thanks, Adam


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