[Xerte] Morphing Zoom Page Type

Patrick Lockley Patrick.Lockley at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Jul 9 16:18:46 BST 2010

Svn is the repository (svn is subversion).


Its only useful if you want to do some code, it doesn't have tutorials.


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Same sounds like a great feature what is the .svn? There is not much
tutorials around concerning xerte what there is are basic and others


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Hello Julian;

I am new to Xerte. Where is the .svn please?


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On 2010-07-09 13:56, Julian Tenney wrote: 



We call this 'morphing zoom'. It was built to handle situations in
medical education where you want to show, say, first of all a cross
section through the skin, and then zoom in to a high res close up of,
say, the cells in one of the layers. I'm sure you guys can think of
other uses for it in your own fields. In the wizard you can define the
region on image  1 to zoom into (using the hotspot tool) and can control
the speed of the zoom.


The files are in the .svn



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