[Xerte] Ongoing Mac Stuff

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Jul 9 10:26:05 BST 2010

I'm getting somewhere. I have identified this problem that causes Xerte
3 to crash on the Mac when attempting to preview a file:

I set the source property on the swfloader and call load() thus:

source = main.docTree.fileLocation + 'Xerte.swf%3FfileName%3D' +
main.docTree.fileName + '%26fileLocation%3D' +


this causes the crash. The URLEncoding I just tried - previously I had &
= ? in there directly.

If I comment out the call to load, I have the single line that causes
the crash.

So what's wrong with the string that causes Zinc to crash on the Mac?
Can I in fact pass parameters into the swf this way on the mac?

If I take the params off and just load Xerte.swf, no crash, and no
broken image symbol in the preview, so I assume it is loading correctly,
but then doesn't know which rlo to load.

So: any funny (haha) characters in strings I need to watch for?
URLEncoding the way to go?
Am I hitting any sort of limit?



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