[Xerte] Having problems with Xerte 2.10 not opening xml file

Paul Swanson Paul.Swanson at harlandfs.com
Wed Jul 7 22:18:02 BST 2010

I have a course that was published over a year ago, and now it's not
working (and I didn't change anything in the course). It appears that
Xerte is not able to open up my setup.xml file when using Firefox (v
3.6.6) with Flash (v, but it works correctly using IE 8 with
Flash The Preview option in Xerte opens it with no problem,
it just won't open when running from a web server (either localhost -
I'm running WAMP -- or our live server). 

The property templateData on the Learning Object is set to: FileLocation
+ 'setup.xml' and the xml file is located in the same folder as the .rlo
file. The server logs shows this curious line:

"File does not exist: /www/training/pages/wbt/dp/dp_admin/undefined"

... which implies the filename isn't getting passed out of Xerte to the
web server. But other courses that also read a setup.xml file structured
the same way, and with the same property line for the .rlo file, work
just fine in both IE and Firefox. I've tried replacing the xml file with
another from a working course, and also with just a bare-bones xml file,
but it makes no difference.

I would blame this on the new version of Flash, but some courses work
under the same browser/Flash version, so that doesn't seem likely. Any
 Paul Swanson 
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 Harland Financial Solutions 
 800.274.7280 Ext. 2462 
 Paul.Swanson at harlandfs.com 

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