[Xerte] FW: import progress

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Jul 7 10:22:16 BST 2010

Yes, there is, 


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There never was a progress bar for importing or exporting, because I
never coded it in, mostly because I don't know how.


Theres a progress bar for uploading inside the wizard?



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I've been doing quite a lot of XERTE training recently and have noticed
that the progress bar for the import/export function has disappeared. At
first I thought it was just me but I shared the problem with Ron at the
recent RSCe e:Fair. He has conducted some further tests as described
below and as a result we both feel it is worth sharing with the list. Is
anyone else able to confirm whether this is a problem when using Xerte
OnLine Toolkits v.1.5 as currently available on the Nottingham
University Website?


Kindest regards, Thomas.


From: Ron Mitchell [mailto:ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk] 
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Subject: import progress


Hi Thomas

I was clearing out some email earlier and read my reminder to check the
progress bar we discussed at the efair. I tested an import into an
online installation and that certainly shows upload progress bottom left
of the window. However I tried the same import with your maxos and a
maxos upgraded to the latest toolkits and neither show the progress bar.
So I'm guessing there's something in the import function/code which only
works when online rather than localhost or that there is a php/apache
setting not quite right. Probably worth posing the question to Pat on
the Notts mailing list.



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