[Xerte] install toolkits (linux/suse)

Ger Tielemans gtielemans at hetstedelijk.nl
Mon Jan 18 20:24:57 GMT 2010

I download toolkits 1.5 and try to install it manually under linux/suse:

a. step by step  fails, until I set the database name manually in database.php
b. I want ldap back, so I take the index.php from toolkits 1.0
c. I have to change givenname into givenName (twice) in /website_code/php/login_library.php
d. now LDAP works and I can create folders and projects 
e. projects are created from templates (I see them with my ldap-name arrive in the USER-FILES) 
f. but I  get "object not found" error when I press create project, properties, edit, preview and publish 
.. only delete and duplicate work without error

If I look at the url I see ../toolkits/edit_8 instead of ../toolkits/edit.php?template_id=8 (in version 1.0)

What did I wrong, what must I change

Greetings, Ger

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