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John Doubleday john at southcom.com.au
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Hi Mike,

This is an interesting point so have placed it into the new forum.









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Is anyone else getting problems with IE7/8 and SCORM?


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I think I found 2 more bugs with this great toolkit. I've already convinced
many of my colleagues to begin using this tool.  We combine it with moodle
to run online classes.

1. Bullet pages don't add vertical scroll automatically when page length
requires it.  Text pages are OK.

2. SCORM objects don't seem to run in IE Explorer.  I would never use this
third rate browser but some students do.  I get the following.

Char 4
Error: Object expected
URL http://bioinf.moodlehub.com/file.php/2/moddata/resource/20/scormRLO.htm



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